At Fidayit Ergül Real Estate Investment Consultancy, we offer you land and residence real estate prospects in Kaş, the “Land of Light”, and its vicinity.

We provide you with all the services and guidance necessary for the purchase and/or sale of your properties, as well as their management, maintenance and safeguarding.

We started our services in 2007 as “Hestia Investment Real Estate Ltd.” and as of 2017 we continue our services under the name “Fidayit Ergül Real Estate Investment Consultancy”.

We are a team of people who have left big cities in pursuit of our dreams to establish a new life in Kaş. We believe this characteristic makes us the right people to understand your goals and your life plans, and to help you guide your investments in the right direction.

We would be very happy to meet you. But before we actually meet in person, we would like to introduce you to the “Fidayit Ergül”

Fidayit Ergül

“First imagine where you want to be, where you want to go, as well as the career, home or life you want to have… It does not matter what it is. Then, gather the courage you need and go after it.” That’s my philosophy: I dream about what I want in life and then I pursue that dream. I think that positive energy is very important in the cycle of life. When I came to Kaş in 1994, the positive energy I felt here led me to dream about staying in Kaş and living here, and very soon I came to realize that dream. That same intense positive energy helped me set up my first business, then I found my life partner, and one by one I continued to realize each and every one of my dreams. If living or owning a home in Kaş is your dream too, together we can help you fulfill that dream.