Land for Sale in Kas Ahatli Village

Ahatlı, Ahatlı Mahallesi, 07580 Kaş/Antalya, Türkiye

2226 m²


View Nature | Mountain
Face Doğu | Batı | Güney | Kuzey
Distance to Sea 17 kilometre
Distance to Center 17 kilometre
Yol Durumu Yolu yok

The land for sale in Kas Ahatlı Village is 2226 m² and its status on title of deed is “field”. The village of Ahatlı is 17 km away from Kas, ideal for living with its nature, air and calmness.

Ahatlı Village is a small Mediterranean village with stone old village houses built on the slopes of a small valley. The presence of stone houses, haystacks and stables in the slopes surrounding the valley presents an aesthetic visual. In the plains of the valley, the fields of the village residents are planted. In fields, vetch is usually grown as feed for animals besides crops like wheat and barley. Residents of Ahatlı Village also make, goat and cow breeding.

The first 15 km of the road from Kas to Ahatlı is reached from the main road to Antalya and the other 2 km from the stabilized village road. You can reach to Ahatlı approximately within 15-20 minutes from the center of Kas.

If you are thinking of living or investing, do not be late!

Kas and the surrounding villages are at the top of the Mediterranean coast’s most untouched and unspoiled places. Due to the lack of virgin places like this, interest in Kas has increased in recent years and Kas has become a popular holiday destination. The real estate market has also moved in parallel. The announcement of the airport and highway projects by the authorities further motivated the real estate market and led to a gradual increase in prices. The small number of “improved lands” also contributed to this movement. If you are planning to live or invest in Kas, we advise you not to be late.

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