When selling real estate, the most important decision you can make is to choose the right consulting agency to effectively manage its marketing and sale. Your consultant should be with you throughout the entire process; and he or she should do more than simply generating the sales notices or showing the property to prospective buyers.

Fidayit Ergül Real Estate Investment Consultancy promises to be with you from the beginning of the sales process to the completion of the sale and give you their full support throughout what can be a difficult and lengthy process.

Below you can see all the services we offer to support you during the sale process.


We determine the price most appropriate for your property using independent, impartial and objective measures and considering the market conditions based on the real estate’s amenities, characteristics, the environment and the property’s conditions of use.


To ensure a strong marketing campaign and therefore a quicker sale, it is important to identify the right features that should be emphasized in the property’s description and supported with the appropriate visuals.

Preparation of the visuals

Visuals have a big impact on the marketing of real estate. For this reason, we perform a photo-shoot with a professional team and professional equipment. Before and during the photo session, we make the necessary arrangements to emphasize the positive features of your property that we would like to emphasize.


In marketing your real estate, personal communication network of the consultant agency is very important. When commencing the marketing process, we first contact our own contacts and connections. Thanks to these networks our estate agents can sometimes find buyers for your property even before it is officially on the market. We then analyze all the data, and after determining the target market we use the advantages of digital marketing tools and actions to ensure that your real estate is marketed quickly to potential buyers. We target the most effective websites and social media, publishing all relevant visuals and information that emphasize the property’s best aspects.

We stand beside you throughout the whole process; we listen and respond to your questions, we work to understand your needs, and we resolve your concerns if there are any.

Determining the reason for sale

In order to determine the best sales strategy to meet your needs, it is important to fully and clearly understand your reasons for wanting to sell. Your motivation for selling helps us determine how quickly the sale should take place and also affects the sale price.

Other important factors affecting the sale of a property:

  • Price
  • Location
  • Physical characteristics
  • Features/Amenities
  • Size
  • Accessibility

Calculating sales costs

During the process of selling your property you may incur costs previously unforeseen. Being prepared for them in advance is important to establishing a realistic budget, which will in turn help to set the right sale price. It is important to remember that there will be taxation and brokerage marketing fees, as well as possible improvement costs necessary for the sale.

Correct pricing

The most important factor directly affecting the sale of your property is correct pricing. The price should be consistent with market prices of similar properties in the area. Setting a price that is too low or too high may have a negative impact on the potential buyer, and a potential sale.

Property Location and Access

The location of your real estate is one of the most important factors for pricing. Important criteria regarding location include:

  • Ease of access – how convenient/easy it is to reach the property
  • Access roads
  • Proximity to local services/conveniences/facilities (shopping malls, schools, parks, restaurants, cafes, etc.)
  • Scenery

Present condition, pre-sale improvements and preparation for sale

The first impression is very important for the potential buyer. The general condition of your real estate affects the pricing and the accurate estimation of the sale process. For this reason, the property must be prepared for sale. Actions such as whitewashing or painting, making necessary modifications or improvements, cleaning the premises and removing any unnecessary clutter can be very important. The more your property is orderly and spacious, well-lit and simple, the more it will have a positive effect on the potential buyer.